welcome to the world of black vinyl!

In order to not wake wrong hopes, we will deal with an open dock from the beginning:

On first Place: a specialised in classical records. Here however one of best in Europe. That was confirmed us by so many far-travelled record customers from all world, that we believed it now.

On second Place comes the jazz to be understood as comprehensive term of all style directions.

On third Place stands for skirt and Pop with many subdivisions. Here we are endeavoured to hold a high level and many old expenditures ready. They know reliably from own experience, how difficult this became in the meantime.

On fourth Place we sell everything like Easy Listening, Fifties. Hits etc... Here you will find real “treasures”.

On fifth Place finally come our many, many Singles.

Further we lead some special departments such as speech records, English theatre, child plates, humor, “railway records”, test records etc.

Briefly before conclusion we have still something special: Some thousands of shellac of all directions. It starts with simply, tasteless and nevertheless in a common manner to hot desired and must have. (many of these are unplayed)

Last but not least you will find still tapes, Reel-to-Reel Tapes and much more.