Welcome to the world of vinyl!

to other Internet offerers we do not have evenly times 500 LP's of those it are naturally easy to list it. We are "something" more largely, a correct business for visiting and touching. That we have ten thousands of LP's, you could read in HiFi-magazines from all over the world.

Since we do not buy non-European collections, but individually select, the quality of our records is accordingly high. To a large extent our LP offer comes from America and England. Only by constant travel and looking for new sources it is possible to keep our offer interesting.


Since we are in the heart of Europe, not far away from Vienna (about half an hour by car), do not hesitate to visit us on your next trip to Vienna.

Here with us in Tulln you will find many friendly Hotels and accomodations, much cheaper than the prices in Vienna.

In record time you are in the middle in Vienna. Our city has a large quantity of objects of interest to offer, museums and natural landscapes.

Some international prices and gold medals for the most beautiful flower city of Europe speak for itself.

Here are some directions to find us.

There you will find some more information about Tulln